Secure Network Design and Management

Who is watching over your most important asset?

Your network is your business most critical technology. When it’s running as it should be, your business is in a position to thrive. But making sure your infrastructure is always running – and performing at its peak – requires the specialized skills of a network management expert.

DDiT Solutions watches over your critical network servers and operating systems with:

Full 24/7 internet connectivity monitoring

  • Consistent and active link to all Infrastructure
  • Monitoring of all connectivity links (Email, Internet etc.)

Capacity management

  • Constant management of your infrastructures storage capacity
  • Identify disk space shortages and alert when below certain thresholds
  • Forecast of your projected business growth

Availability management

  • Report on the average availability of your infrastructure
  • Identify failing hardware over period of time using trend analysis
  • Identify potential failings before they happen

Asset database

  • Keeps a record of all hardware connected to your Infrastructure
  • Identify when new hardware is connected highlighting potential security threats

Hardware resilience monitoring

  • Report on your hardware to identify potential failings
  • Identify needs of new hardware assets only when needed

Automatic software alerting

  • Alerts will be generated without the need of human intervention
  • Licensing Compliance
  • Fully automatic software fault

Automatic incident generation

  • Incidents will be generated without your intervention to alert our skilled engineers

Security alerting

  • Identify any possible security breach of hacking into your system
  • Identify user security access (password guessing)
  • Alert on potential data theft

Whether you require a full network installation, upgrade, maintenance or repair, DD Solutions’s highly experienced and certified experts bring a wealth of knowledge to managing your business network.

Can you afford even a few minutes of network downtime? Don’t find out the hard way.

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