DDiT Solutions Stands for David Data IT solutions after the founder name David Persson

also DD ((dee dee) means in Thai twice as good) IT ...:) 

Anyway DDiT Solutions is an IT Service Provider with very wide range of services and products for Businesses 

DDiT Solutions helps business owners maximize their technology investment and minimize technology hassles by keeping their computing environment reliable, safe and serving their business needs.

You are welcome to browse our website for Product and services and please contact us in case you have any questions 

Thank You

David Persson

Managing Director

Here at DDiT Solutions we are determined to help and teach office personal to use their computers, network and software. We give consulting services and educate people in their office to maximize efficiency and  results  

DDiT Solutions services are very competitive. We customize our services to meet your unique needs. Most of our clients choose DDiT Solutions and the monthly fixed fee option. This service allows our clients the simplicity of a monthly fee for their network maintenance needs. Projects that enhance or augment the current environment are outside the scope of DDiT Solutions care and charged accordingly.

Most DDiT Solutions clients begin with a comprehensive Network Assessment to determine the reliability and stability of their computing environment. The results of the Network Assessment help determine how we can help you resolve the amount of ongoing monthly care your network requires.

Yes we do. We have a large and loyal group of Macintosh clients. DDiT Solutions employs some of the best Macintosh expertise in the country. We also have many clients who have, what we call, "mixed environments." These are networks that have both Macintosh and Windows computers on them. DDiT Solutions is the only national computer and network service and support company that services these "mixed environments."

We support all of the computing platforms used in small to medium-sized business offices including: All Microsoft Windows (desktop and server versions), Macintosh, Novell NetWare and Linux.

Yes, our technology evaluation and procurement service, is one of the many convenience services that we provide our clients. We manage every step of the process: recommending software and hardware, the ordering and financing process, even disposing of technology at the end of its useful life.

DDiT Solutions provides local service backed by the stability and knowledge of a national network of technical experts and a Central Services organization that monitors and remotely supports your organization 24x7. As an All Covered client, your business will receive computer, network and IT infrastructure care from a team of technology management professionals.

Your team includes primary and secondary consultants who are responsible for the day-to-day needs of your technology infrastructure. Your Client Operations Representatives (CORs) assist you with scheduling, procurement and communications.Solutions Architects assist your primary and secondary consultants if they have technical challenges and with more complex projects. Your Relationship Manager is responsible for the overall management of the relationship. Your entire account team reports to a Regional Vice President should you have any questions or issues that the team cannot address.

Programming is not one of the DDiT Solutions core services. However, your local DDiT Solutions office can recommend a partner in your area to assist you with programming services.

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