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Professional Network Services, Business Hosting Solutions
Websites technology growing demands

This days fast developing internet technology force companies to implemant new features updates etc… or they will stay out of business …

Secure Hosting for Businesses

DDiT Solutions offers hosting plans for business 24/7 support and resonable prices… you get the best hosting solution tailored for your company…

Professional Network Services

Network services at your office DDiT Solutions have the tools and personal to support your office computers network…

SEO and Internet Marketing

Promotoing your company website is one of the more important things that effect your company bouth as your online shop and as your company front page to the world…

About Us

One Stop service for all your company IT
From taking care of your office network to publishing your products online

With our IT Services you can relax back and have more time to run your company instead of trying to cach up with the advance web technology or computer related issues in the office...

  • IT Resources

    24/7 IT support

  • Website Hosting

    New Web Servers with SSD Drives and 32 GB RAM for high speed preformance

  • Client and Server Networking services

    Windows and linux servers Active Directory user management etc...

  • Security and Backups controll

    Daily and weekly backup services

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